Course Description:

This course is a basic overview of the Old Testament books Job through Malachi. The aim is to acquaint the student with the content, message and personal application of each book, and to study the unity of all the books in the progress of revelation and redemption.

NEW TESTAMENT SURVEY —This course is an overview of the four Gospels portraying the life of Christ. The Book of Acts is used as a historical framework for a study of the earlier New Testament letters and as introduction to its later letters and to its climax. Application of the New Testament’s teachings to our individual and corporate lives as believers is maintained throughout.

TEXTBOOK - Exploring the Bible: A Guide to the Old and New Testaments by Harris, Dunnett, Schultz, Smith ISBN: 1581348649

HOMILETICS - THE ART OF EFFECTIVE PREACHING —Students will learn to examine techniques, principles, and standard practices in the delivery of sermons. Students will practice delivering sermons and will critique the sermons of fellow students.

TEXTBOOKS - Preaching: Principles & Practice, by Dr. Samuel Byron Hogan, Sr. ISBN 978-0-9833972-1-2

Ministerial Ethics - An examination of the moral dimensions of the Christian ministry and the moral issues facing ministers in their day-to-day work. Attention is given to the minister’s personal, professional, and collegial relationships and moral responsibilities. It will address different ethical issues from a biblical and theological perspective. The course will help the student establish basic methods and approaches to maintaining high ethical standards in their lives and ministries.


Harmon, Nolan B. Ministerial Ethics and Etiquette, Nashville: TN: Abingdon Press, 1987.

Pierce, Burton. T., Ministerial Ethics: A Guide for Spirit-Filled Leaders. Springfield, MS: Gospel Publishing House, 2011.

COGIC Doctrine This course discusses the theological and Biblical basis of COGIC doctrine and practice. It will demonstrate why certain doctrines and practices are central to the organization.

Understanding Bible Doctrine as Taught in the COGIC by Bishop P.A. Brooks and Dr. Charles E. Hawthorne

WOMEN IN MINISTRY: THE CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST —This course examines the roles that women have played in the history and ministry of the Church Of God In Christ. It will also examine the lives of some of the key female leaders in the church and study the structure of the Women’s Department.


Women in Ministry in the Church of God in Christ, by Adrienne Israel, Goldie Wells, (Austin, Texas: CMYK Grapix, 2010)

Bishop C.H Mason and the Roots of the Church of God in Christ, by Bishop Ithiel C. Clemmons.

THE ROLE OF WOMEN IN THE CHURCH: From The Creation To Modern Day Denominational Doctrine, by Billie Roberts Spann, Ph.D.

EVANGELISM AND MISSIONS —Students will examine some of the key methods that are employed in group evangelism, planning evangelistic crusades, conducting public witnessing campaigns and programs.

Textbook: Towns, Elmer L. Th.M. D.D. Your Ministry of Evangelism-A Guide for Church Volunteers. Wheaton, Illinois: Evangelical Training Association, 2004. ISBN: 0-910566-48-8

CHURCH ADMINISTRATION —This course will examine all phases of church business administration: pastoral management, goal-setting, prioritization, time management, delegation of authority, accounting and decision making. This course will focus on the practical application of these administrative responsibilities.

Textbook: CHURCH ADMINISTRATION HANDBOOK compiled by Dr. James Boyer

CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST HISTORY —This course examines the life, works and theology of Bishop Charles Harrison Mason. It also explores the origins and ministry of the Church Of God In Christ.

TEXTBOOKS - COGIC Official Manual; Bishop C.H. Mason and the Roots of the COGIC by Ithiel Clemmons; This is the Church of God in Christ by Bobby Bean


Course Description: Students will learn techniques and theories for effective interpersonal and group counseling. They will become familiar with the potential trouble areas that need to be handled with extra care and awareness, and examine the three areas of conduct where religious counselors are most likely to be sued.

CHRISTIAN COUNSELING, A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE, 3RD EDITION, Gary R. Collins, Ph.D. 2007, Thomas Nelson Publisher. ISBN: 10-1-4185-0329-0